Warranty Details

All Seco Performance Clutch products are designed and manufactured for performance driving. This said, there are inherent traits that go along with these designs. While we try our best to outline these in the various descriptions and information in this site, it's always best to contact us directly to ensure you get the correct clutch to meet your expectations.

Every clutch is assembled and tested prior to shipping for lift, release and plate load. These are the three main features that determine the proper operation of your clutch. Lift is how far and to what ratio the pressure plate pulls away from the disc. Release is how much it pulls away at full stroke of your hydraulic system. And finally, plate load is the amount of force being excerpted on the disc/discs which is a direct correlation to how much power the clutch will hold. We do all of this prior to each unit leaving to ensure that the unit is "ready to go" when you get it in your hands.

Keep in mind that installation of our units must be performed by qualified technicians whenever possible. If not installed, maintained and used in compliance with all applicable instructions and recommendations serious bodily harm, property damage, and even death can occur (after all you've got a 40+lbs mass spinning at 7,000+ rpm right next to your feet) - PLEASE DO NOT SKIMP ON INSTALLATION. By purchasing a Seco Performance Clutch product you are agreeing to the understanding of these inherent dangers and accept all risks arising directly or indirectly from any improper installation, maintenance or use of any Seco Performance Clutch.

***Warranty Outline***
Seco Performance Clutch warranties its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY. If a product is found to be properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with all applicable instructions and guidelines Seco Performance Clutch, at its sole option, will replace or repair the defective product.

The following are NOT covered by our warranty -
Normal wear and tear - this will be determined by a support staff representative of Seco Performance Clutch Any damages caused by a collision or other accident

Any defect or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of driving irresponsibly (I.E. missing shifts, over-revving, or shifting into the incorrect gear)

Any damages caused by the failure to store, handle, install, assemble, maintain or use the product in accordance with Seco Performance Clutch's instructions or guidelines, including but not limited to: The modification of the product by the customer in any way (this includes damages caused by attempted re-balancing of the product) and installation of the product in a vehicle that is not in full compliance with the instructions and specifications of the manufacturer of that vehicle.

Any defect or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of the failure to use and install an appropriate SFI approved bell housing

Any damage to other products caused by a Seco Performance Clutch product

Any damage to a Seco Performance Clutch product caused by another manufacturers product (I.E. aftermarket master cylinders that are mis-adjusted, incorrect starter motor, incorrect slave cylinders, etc.)

The cost of any rental vehicles or equipment pending the repair or replacement of a defective product

Any costs associated with making a claim under this warranty, including but not limited to the cost of removing and returning the product (labor or shipping), and the cost of re-installing the product after it has been repaired or replaced. All such costs shall be the responsibility of the consumer and not that of Seco Performance Clutch.

The warranty will be VOIDED if, in Seco Performance Clutch's reasonable opinion, any of the following applies -

"Under-clutching" a setup. This is pretty straight forward, make sure you get what you need - contact us to clarify any questions you have with your setup and usage so you can make sure you're getting the right clutch the first time. Don't attempt to use a clutch as a "circuit breaker" for your drivetrain - and if you do don't expect someone to warranty it.

"Over-clutching" a setup. This is just as detrimental as under-clutching a vehicle and often times will lead to a clutch failing far sooner than it should because it's not being used in the environment it was designed to - avoid listening to internet/Facebook/Instagram "guru's" and make sure you contact Seco Performance Clutch to get what you need for your setup.

The product has been subject to any unreasonable use, misuse or negligence. The product has been modified, repaired or dismantled without Seco Performance Clutch's prior written authorization by the owner. Any Seco Performance Clutch's parts have been replaced with a non-Seco Performance Clutch part.

Seco Performance Clutch reserves the right in its sole discretion to inspect, evaluate and test the alleged defective product in any way deemed appropriate by Seco Performance Clutch, afterwards we will make the final decision as to whether the product in fact is faulty or defective in material or workmanship. This is our exclusive written warranty. We make no other expressed or implied warranties, nor is anyone else authorized to make any expressed or implied warranties on our behalf. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Seco Performance Clutch shall not be held liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to, incidental or consequential labor costs, installation charges, telephone charges, or transportation charges, in connection with the replacement/repair of any defective Seco Performance Clutch products. Upon discovering an alleged defect that you believe is covered by this warranty, you must immediately contact Seco Performance Clutch in regards to your situation. You may be asked for additional information in the form of images, written word, or any other means - at your expense - to assist you with your potential issue along with proof of the original purchase. To obtain warranty service information please contact Seco Performance Clutch via email at support@secoperformanceclutch.com