Stage 1 "Street Performer" Kit

The Stage 1 "Street Performer" systems are true high performance clutch systems which are technologically advanced to anything on the market. They are designed to be utilized in vehicles that are driven mostly on the street with occasional track use. With the 40% increase in torque capacity over factory clutch, these units are great options for most of the consumers in the market today. They retain stock driving characteristics and long-life expectancy while maintaining the ability to be thoroughly abused. All Seco Performance Clutch components are manufactured to a tolerance of 0.001" (0.0254mm) for highest standard accuracy.

Stage 2 "Track Warrior" Kit

The Stage 2 "Track Warrior" systems are designed for the racer that drives their car on the street and frequent the track. With the 80% increase in torque capacity over factory clutch, these units are primarily designed to be thoroughly abused with more track usage than street usage. Stiffer clutch pedal effort and pronounced chatter/shudder than the Stage 1 counterparts, the Stage 2s have a place for those that are not concerned with the "race car" feel. It is available in a 6 ceramic puck sprung configuration. The 6-puck being the more aggressive than full-face used in Stage 1 clutch, the sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications, rendering it much more street friendly. This disc is designed for long life, outstanding holding capacity, and rapid heat dissipation.